Thursday, December 8, 2011

What is Regression Testing? Why should we use Regression Testing?

What is Regression Testing? Why should we use Regression Testing?

What is Regression Testing?

Regression Testing is software testing activity that is used to ensure that existing functionality has no impact from change in a system, such as functional enhancements, patches or configuration/environment changes. Regression Testing is activity that rerun previously run tests (Existing functionality) and check whether existing behavior has change.

Why should we use Regression Testing?

There are many kinds of change that cause impact to an existing functionality. The simplest change that can have impact is the new version of Operating System. I am quite sure that you used to try to install an application but it was not allowed because of supported Operating System. The reason is that there is possibility that developer have to code in different way for a specific Operating System. So, the new version (change) of Operating System can impact the existing functionality and Regression Testing is required to check if we can support.

The Operating System is not only one thing that can impact your existing functionality. Everything that stays around existing functionality can impact (e.g., web browser, web service, database, another functionality change in the same software package).
Regression Testing

From above issue, the Regression Testing is used widely to ensure that the quality of software is good when there is change in software environment.

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