Monday, November 7, 2011

Black Box Testing Technique : Pairwise Testing (All-pairs testing) - Part1

Black Box Testing Technique

If I would like to execute software testing (web testing or windows application testing), I start with thinking about how to select the test cases. If I have no idea about software's internal algorithm and cannot cover all combinations of input values and preconditions for a module of software because of resource constraint (Time or manpower), I will use Black Box Testing Technique to design the input values.

Pairwise Testing (All-pairs testing) 

Pairwise Testing (All-pairs testing) is a software testing technique that designs test cases for testing all possible combinations of each pair of input parameters. The number of this test cases will be less than testing all possible combinations. You can see more detail in the Part3 of articles. To get the list of test cases for software testing we need to use some algorithm to extract them.

The key idea of this technique for software testing is "the most bugs in a software are introduced by a single input parameter. The next one are introduced by interaction between pairs of input parameters.".

If you have found that many bugs in your software are introduced by two factors and would like to design test cases for software testing by using this condition, Pairwise Testing (All-pairs testing) will be the answer.

Sample Bug: Bug in Fund Transfer feature in ATM system is introduced by 2 conditions:
1st condition: From A Bank to B Bank
2nd condition: More than $5,000

Now you understand the concept of testing a software (web testing or windows application testing) by using Pairwise Testing (All-pairs testing) testing technique.

Since this software testing technique is hard to do manually, I will share you how to create test cases by tool in the next articles.

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