Monday, November 21, 2011

Process When Testing A Software

Process When Testing A Software

Here are basic activities of testing process that I normally use when I need to execute testing a software. The process will start from planning and end with evaluation the process.

1. Test Planning and Control

First of all, we set the goal and scope of testing when we plan to do testing a software. This goal is based on the objective of the project. We define approach and plan for software testing. Then, we define the test approach which includes coverage, test resources, schedule of all the tasks, exit criteria and so on. We will control and measure project's progress against the plan continuously.

2. Test Analysis and Design

After we have a plan from the first step, we start building test design and test procedure. Evaluate the requirement and system. Identify test condition, required test environment and tools for software testing.

3. Execution

We build the test cases by using Black Box Testing Techniques and set up the test environment and tools for software testing. The test cases will be reviewed if it is required. Then, we execute software testing and recording the test result. If there are difference between expected result and actual result, we will analyze them to see the root cause of defect and record them.

4. Evaluating and Reporting

We use the exit criteria to check if software testing can be done. If it is done, we can make a summary report for stakeholders.

5. Project Evaluation

Evaluate and analyze the lesson from this project. Implement action plan if it is need for continuous improvement. Please keep in mind that we always need to evaluate when we do testing a software.

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