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Black Box Testing Technique : Pairwise Testing (All-pairs testing) - Part3

Pairwise Testing (All-pairs testing) 

After we have installed CTE XL which is one of software testing tools for Pairwise Testing (All-pairs testing), we will start using it with following scenario.

CTE XL: How to use

I will use this following scenario for test case design in this example.
System: Fund Transfer feature in ATM system of A Bank with 3 dependent factors:
1st factor: How to transfer
- A Bank to A Bank
- A Bank to B Bank
2nd factor: Amount of money
- Less than $1.00
- Between $1.00 and $5,000
- More than $5,000
3rd factor: SMS alert?
- Yes
- No
1. Start CTE XL.
pairwise testing tools - cte - step1

2. Press "Ctrl+N" or click at "File>>New" menu to create a project.
pairwise testing tools - cte - step2
3. Click at “Create New Classifications.” Button pairwise testing tools - cte - step3and then click in diagram 3 times to create each factor. Double Click each box and type the factor’s name.
pairwise testing tools - cte - step3_2
4. Click at “Create New Classes” Buttonpairwise testing tools - cte - step4and then click in diagram 7 times to create each value of each factor. Double Click each text and type the value’s name.
pairwise testing tools - cte - step4_2
5. Click at “Activate connection mode” buttonpairwise testing tools - cte - step5and then link between each value with its factor. Click at “Auto Layout” buttonpairwise testing tools - cte - step5_2to adjust diagram.
pairwise testing tools - cte - step5_3
6. Click at “Tools >> Generate Test cases…” menu. The “Test case generator Editor” displays.
pairwise testing tools - cte - step6
7. Click at “New” button. Enter the name and press “OK” button.
pairwise testing tools - cte - step7
8. Click at “twowise” button. Drag the factor’s name from diagram and drop to “Test Case Generator Editor”. Separate each factor by “,”.
pairwise testing tools - cte - step8
9. Click at “Generate !” button. Click “Ok” button to close. There will be a folder appears on the bottom-left pane.
pairwise testing tools - cte - step9
10. Expand the tree. The list of possible test case will appear.
pairwise testing tools - cte - step10
11. Extract test cases by clicking at “File >> Export” menu. Select “TestCases in Excel” format. Click at “Next” button. Update the output file folder and click “Finish” button. Open saved file.
pairwise testing tools - cte - step11
12. Let’s use this list for testing.

The number of test case is 6 which is smaller number than testing all combination with 2*3*2 = 12 test cases.

Now we are at the end of Pairwise Testing (All-pairs testing) articles. I hope it will help you understand the concept of testing a software (testing web or windows application) by using Pairwise Testing (All-pairs testing) testing technique and know how to used CTE XL, one of software testing tools.

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Thank you for writing about this important topic. These testing methods are a superb way to generate a lot of variation in tests which helps minimize wasteful repetition in sets of tests.

If you and/or your readers are interested in reading a bit more about pairwise more thorough combinatorial testing methods, I would encourage you to check out the additional articles and presentations listed here:

Thank you.

Justin Hunter
Founder and CEO of Hexawise, a pairwise testing and combinatorial testing test design tool
Free access for teams of up to 5 testers available here:

very nice documentation for beginners of pairwise testing..

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