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Localization and Globalization Testing

Localization and Globalization Testing

Globalization Testing

Globalization Testing is the software testing process for checking if the software can work properly in various culture/locale settings using every type of international input.

Localization Testing

Localization Testing in the software testing process for checking the localized version of a product (e.g., Japanese product for Japanese user). Localization Testing checks the quality of a localized version for a particular that culture/locale setting. Localization Testing is based on the results of Globalization Testing which verifies the functional support for that particular culture/locale setting. We should invite the local staff to help our localization testing by checking the quality of translation as well.

Localization Testing

You can test on localized OS build (e.g.,Windows XP Japanese version) or MUI on English OS Build. I suggest you to start with MUI version for Globalization Testing because MUI can help you switch to other language settings easier and faster. From my software testing experience, most bugs occur with German and Japanese culture/locale setting.

Here are the common bugs found from Testing
Cannot display the correct format
The software cannot display the format as defined by the regional setting of OS (e.g., numbers, dates, time, currency, and calendars). I have found that developers often display the static format as English culture/locale setting although it is international software.

Functionality is broken
The functionality which works properly on English setting may not work on other settings. I have found that one root cause of this problem is the communication problem between the API's owner and consumer. They forgot to make an agreement for the data format; one party uses the local format but another uses the English format.

Now we understand the importance of Localization Testing and Globalization Testing and the risk if we don't have this type of software testing. So, it is good idea to implement this testing type for your international software.

6 ความคิดเห็น:

How to test your app in other language (ex French)?
Are we need to use any software for it?
What software to use to create data in other language?

We split the scope to 2 parts.
1. Translation
- We assign native to test this part. We have not used any specific software for testing.
2. Regression Test
- We assign normal tester to test this part with the localized version of OS and software.

Localization Testing testing validates whether the application is capable for using in a particular location or in a particular country.

I can recommend this good article on the same topic:

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