Friday, November 18, 2011

Software Testing in Requirement Analysis

Software Testing in Requirement Analysis

I have found that many bugs are introduced during Requirement Phase but testers can detect them during do software testing. If they can detect bugs in Requirement Phase, the cost for fixing them will be cheaper. So, it is worth to remove them during this phase. Here is some activity that tester can involve.

Keep in mind that the requirement must be clear

The good requirement must be clear, measurable, testable and defined enough for system design. Moreover, the requirement must be fulfilled by using client's information. Don't try to answer the query ourselves with any assumption. If they are not clear, we should not let it go to the next development phase.

Using software testing skill to explore the missing cases in requirement

Let using testing design skill for requirement analysis by thinking about the possible cases for the requirement. Then, try to summarize the list of question for client. Again!!! Don't try to answer the query ourselves.

Don't limit the first idea by technical constraint

The first idea for detail of requirement often has been limited by technical constraint. From my view, we should drive the requirement by business need first. The requirement adjustment because of technical constraint should come later.

Don't shy to ask any question

Tester is one of the project member. So, we should not shy to ask any question or raise any concern. Our question or concern may be the significant issue for the requirement analysis.

Tester is one of the project member. We can improve the quality of project by contributing our value since the Requirement Analysis activity.

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