Friday, November 4, 2011

Black Box Testing Technique : Boundary value analysis

Black Box Testing Technique

If I would like to execute testing a software (testing web or windows application), I start with thinking about how to select the test cases. If I have no idea about software's internal algorithm and cannot cover all combinations of input values and preconditions for a module of software because of resource constraint (Time or manpower), I will use Black Box Testing Technique to design the input values.

Boundary value analysis

Boundary value analysis is a software testing technique that selects the input data which represents boundary values. These data includes both boundary and each side of boundary which should be in the smallest increment. 

I would like to test withdrawal on ATM system. The maximum amount is $500 and minimum amount is $1.

Find boundary value:
  1. Maximum value is $500
  2. Minimum value is $1
Find each side of boundary value
  1. $501 and $499 for "Maximum value is $500" case
  2. $2 and $0 for "Maximum value is $1" case
The final list of input values are 
  1. $501, $499 and $500
  2. $2, $0 and $1
Now you can design and execute testing a software (testing web or windows application) by using Boundary value analysis testing technique. 

Let's find the pairwise testing (All-pairs testing) technique in the next article.

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Thanks for the article.Here is one more example on this:Test cases for input box which accepts numbers between 1 and 100 using Boundary value analysis:Test cases with test data exactly as the input boundaries of input domain i.e. values 1 and 100 in our case.Test data with values just below the extreme edges of input domains i.e. values 0 and 99.Test data with values just above the extreme edges of input domain i.e. values 2 and 101.

For more examples visit 5 Boundary Value Analysis Examples

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