Sunday, April 1, 2012

Outsourcing For Software Testing

Outsourcing For Software Testing

Outsourcing is the process of contracting a business function to another organization. There are many possible reasons for outsoucing e.g. cost and knowledge.

The outsoucing has been used in Software Testing as well. My organization has contracted to an outsouce for some software testing projects. Here is things that I have learned from this activity.

1. We can leave the routine task to outsource. So, we can have more time for improving our skill and analysis.
2. We can improve project management and co-ordination skill by managing and monitoring outsource.

1. When the time for removing outsource comes, some tasks are hard to returned to us. This means that when you use outsouce, uses them smarter and managable. Not give them everything.
2. Without good project management, the quality of software is uncontrolable.

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Outsourcing for software testing is a great idea but also had some negative side. So be wise and clever when you outsource your work in order to be effective and successful.

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Thank you for sharing this post on Outsourced software testing.Testing is an integral part of the Software
Development Life Cycle, but not a core
competency of most companies across the
world, which companies are now realizing.
So in order to have a top-notch quality
product, outsourcing the Testing Division
(partially or fully) has become a very feasible
option for several companies. What it does
is, it provides specialization, cost benefits,
resource leverage and independence.

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Out sourcing can be used for many reasons. Mostly organizations use out sourcing to decrease their expenses. For example an seo company in Australia will get work from clients and than that company will out source that work from a third world country because expenses in countries like India, Srilanka and Bangladesh are less than Australia.

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Outsourcing for application examining is a smart concept but also had some gloomy. So be sensible and brilliant when you delegate your work in order to be efficient and efficient.

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